Rebel & Divine

United Church of Christ

Rebel & Divine UCC is a new faith community in the heart of Phoenix whose mission is building a community that encourages health and wholeness for at-risk youth and young adults.

We Love R&D

Last Christmas I was getting kicked out of my parents house.  I was so excited to get black & rainbow shoes [from Rebel & Divine].  I was shocked that someone spent their money on me.  I still feel happy when I wear them because I know someone out there cares.
Justin J. 
I'm proud of my pastor, my church, and all who are relevant to it, myself included.  For they are the reason I have faith.
Reggie B.
It’s important to have an outlet where the outcasts and the ostracized can connect with faith.  Rebel & Divine UCC provides that safe space, and much more by also aiding with basic needs, food, and clothing. Most importantly, Rebel & Divine promotes camaraderie between attendees of all walks of life, as it breaks the walls of black and white and shows us a region of gray that we can co-exist in.  Our discussions are not just of faith, but of real-world issues that we struggle with and how we can overcome them.  Rebel & Divine UCC is truly a source of strength and provides a light for me in a very difficult, transitional period.
Jason L.
I first went to Rebel & Divine because it was a place to BE church.  I stay because of the people (old, young, gay, trans*, straight, religious, non-religious) and because of the important work we do in the community.  We come together and we are happy and know we will be safe.  We come together and we know we will not be judged and we know we are loved.
Dena C.
I love Rebel & Divine because it is a safe, spiritual place I can come to, who has people of like mind, one that welcomes me as a gay young adult who follows a different spiritual path, and they welcome that with open arms.  They truly live out the UCC quote “whoever you are, and wherever you are on life’s journey you are welcome here.”
Jacob V.